Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Shennanigans!

We're just finishing up my first Labor Day weekend 2015... (it was really difficult for me to have written labour without the 'u'... That being said, I am transitioning to American life really well; removing one vowel at a time!) and wanted to share a little recap which includes delicious homemade pizza and a moose attack. Yep, you read that right - a moose attack. More about that a little later...

Friday evening came and we realised  it was a holiday weekend... Pizza party time!!! Thanks to our new kitchen mixer, the special guest at our pizza party was a delicious BBQ chicken pizza!

Pizza and Kitchen mixer
I  really really really love our new mixer...

Saturday hit and we hung out with Jana and the clan and took a trip to MacDonald's!
Australian friends: MacDonald's apple pies in America are literally apple pies! They're made with the yummiest pie crust! But as much as I love them, I can't help but miss that bubbly deep fried pastry the Ozzie pies have...

(I did have an awesome picture of us all in the Macca's carpark except Apple's photo stream and I haven't been getting along very well lately..)

Sunday rolled around and it was a great day! We had a nice sleep in, went to church and then came home for Nate's favourite dinner: Spaghetti Bake! I haven't cooked a whole lot of new dishes for Nate recently, but he always asks if I can make this dish, so I'm pretty happy he likes something enough to ask for it more often! =D

Nate and I have been really excited about setting up our recording studio in the apartment, so we popped over to Guitar Centre and picked up some bits and pieces to get things running. After dinner we tested out the recording studio (until 2 in the morning..) and had a blast! We're so excited to share our upcoming project with everyone!

Our recording studio!
Recording studio set up.. 

Next stop was the Christensen's. We had a blast playing games, reading McKay's first letter from Taiwan, roasting marshmallows and singing songs by the fire (with thanks to Nate on drums and Annie on her new Ukelele). I also tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe and brought it to the Christensen's for a taste test... it passed, phew!

Monday was perfect weather for a holiday; The air was crisp and the sun was shining. Along with the Christensen's, Jen, Scott and Angelle, we drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon to the Brighton Lake trail for a hike. The hike was a little intense (I very quickly got used to being 9000 feet above sea level..) but I managed with the help of my amazing husband who is a pro and so very patient with me...

Jump shots and photo bombs!
Jump shots and photo bombs!

Brighton lake hike

We arrived at the beautiful lake and enjoyed a yummy lunch of pulled pork and coleslaw rolls. I made Cafe Rio Pork for dinner earlier in the week and every time I make it, we end up eating it for almost every meal for an entire week.. but we are not complaining.. we're definitely carnivores!

Brighton Lake

Brighton Lake

Brighton Lake

We were blessed with such a beautiful day in such a beautiful place, it really was perfect. After lunch, we took the time to reflect on something that we were truly thankful for.  Of course in newlywed fashion, Nate and I were grateful for each other and we really are; we are truly blessed to have found each other and made it this far. Eternity, come at us!

Brighton Lake

We finished up our time at the Lake and decided to take an alternate route back to the bottom lake where Nate spotted a moose last time he was there. I was hoping that we'd get to see one on this trip (I've never seen a moose, so I was reaaaalllllly hoping we'd see one!)

Low and behold, we walked around the corner and there he was; a bull moose just chilling out in the lake. My day was complete! Wait a minute... A second moose?! Must have been his girlfriend..
Day. Just. Got. Better.

The infamous moose..

So now moose-watching had become a part of our day and we were going to make the most out of it. We decided to stay on the boardwalk that enclosed the grassy/wet area where the moose was and observe the bull for a little bit to see if we could get some good photos.

We were enjoying watching him do his thing and then he became a little agitated. Maybe he was startled by the people there? He began to huff and spin round in circles and before we knew it, he was charging.
Right up against the boardwalk we were on.
In our direction.
Right at us.

Nate gripped my hand tighter than ever and we ran! The moose ran past us only a little ways before continuing his circle dance, most likely telling us that this was his territory! We were honestly only 5 feet away from this charging moose! Ok, ok, so I may have over exaggerated on the 'attack' part.. He didn't actually attack us.. but it was close!

Close encounter
See his antlers to the right of the photo? This is not zoomed in- he was that close!
(Sorry it's a little blurry.. we were kinda running for our lives hehe)

Here's a little video snippet of the moose in all his 'weird-hind-legs-glory':
(watch in full screen if you can)

The good news is that we got his message loud and clear and legged it out of there! Nate later told me that he was close to picking me up and throwing me in to the reeds on the other side of the boardwalk to get me out of the moose's way. So romantic... I love him!

Modelling like a moose
Moose model...

Our adrenaline was pumping so hard, it was difficult to calm down; I almost felt like crying!
Did we just have a near death experience?? Probably.. Not really, but still, whatever it was, it was thrilling!

After we calmed down, we went with the Christensen's to Grandma and Grandpa Raspberry's to help them pick.. raspberries!

Putting in the hard work!

I've never picked raspberries before so it was a totally new experience for me and a slightly painful one for both of us! Did you know the stalks and bottom of the leaves are completely covered in tiny sharp spikes? Neither did I. Now you know. You're welcome :)

It was all worth it because we were able to help pick all the raspberry stalks and we even got to take some home! We're super excited to put them into our smoothies and make some yummy things out of them. I better get Pinterest-ing...

Well, that's the end of our first Labor Day weekend as a married couple (and my first ever), and boy is it one to remember for sure!

Much love!

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