Saturday, September 12, 2015

SLC Greek Festival and Dianne Reeves Concert...

I don't know if you've noticed but Nate treats me like a freaking princess!
(He always says "That's because you are one!" and 99.99% of the time he sincerely means it! Other times... well let's just say that I am the youngest child.. need I say more?)

Anyway, so I'm married to the sweetest man ever! And he takes me on dates ALL the time!
I am so lucky!

Today's adventure included a trip to the Salt Lake City Greek festival and the Dianne Reeves concert and even though it was super hot, it didn't stop us from getting our fill of Greek food!

Lamb on the spit... Head still attached..
I can't say I've seen that before (or maybe I blocked out that childhood memory...)
This festival was different from the festival's I've been to in Adelaide; this one was hosted by the local Greek Orthodox diocese and held in the Church parking lot! They even had the Cathedral open for visitors to explore.

Then we got down to business... FOOD TIME!

We were so hungry we didn't even take photos of the food but we can definitely explain it to you because it was so yummy!

Tiropita - Phyllo pastry triangle filled with feta cheese. So yummy!
Kokinisto - Green beans in a red sauce. One of my two favourite meals my Mum makes. Craving it right now!
Dolmades - Rice and meat filled parcels, wrapped in a vine leaf. Delicious!
Gyros/Yiros - So in Australia we call them 'yiros' but here in America, they're known as 'gyros'.. either way, it still tastes delicious.
And I couldn't possible forget a giant chicken leg for Nate.
He's a carnivore so the above mentioned food wouldn't have cut it!

So we ate tons of delicious food but we couldn't leave without satisfying our sweet tooth...
We picked up a box of loukomades and made our way to Temple Square to eat them
 (since we were going to a concert afterwards we thought we'd get a change of scenery.. Yes, yes, I already told you before, I know how lucky I am!)

Loukomades are little deep fried pillows of donut-y goodness. Then they're smothered in honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon. I'd been craving them for a long time.. I was so happy!

I wasn't lying about the 'box full'! 
I've never had so many in front of me before!
We finished the night off by walking over to the Capitol Theatre to watch the amazing Dianne Reeves. Her concert was one of the best that I've ever been to! She was so personable, funny, her arrangements were super cool, the band was killing and the concert was ridiculously entertaining!


We had such an amazing day in this wonderful city! Salt Lake has some really cool things happening and we're especially excited about the rest of the Jazz series concerts!

Well that's enough for this jam-packed day!

Much love!

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