Friday, August 14, 2015

Rockin' America Korean Camp 2015

This year's Rockin' America camp was two weeks of fun!

It was smaller than usual because of an outbreak of M.E.R.S. (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) in South Korea. Unfortunately enrolments dropped significantly because school had been closed down for two weeks and so those two weeks of school had to go somewhere... how about during summer break?!
Luckily, there were 8 sets of parents who were willing to make it work and get their children over to the States. We were truly blessed that these parents were able to send their children over to experience the States with us!

And so it began..  Nate spent a lot of time on a plane.. Salt Lake City to Los Angeles to Tokyo to Seoul...

He then made the 2 hour bus ride to the south, he arrived in Chiang Ju (one of his old Mission areas).
Nate was able to catch up with some old friends and members from his mission and our very special friend Kang Myung Oak graciously housed Nate for his time spent in Korea.

All the yummy Korean food Nate's been craving!

Our friends!

Nate met the families and the kids at the airport and they were ready for their trip to America!

L-R: Saying goodbye at Seoul Airport, welcome party at Salt Lake City Airport

Kids with their Rockin' America T-Shirts!

Each day Nate would run an English lesson (L) and then we'd usually finish the day off with some fun games (R)

A challenging hike up to Ensign Peak for some of the Koreans but they all thought it was worth it once they reached the top!

A triumphant finish to Ensign peak! (Especially Seth..)

Jana set up a quilting service project for the kids and they really enjoyed it!
It was really fun to have Jana and Angie with their families join us on a lot of our activities

Arches was a fun filled couple of days!
We enjoyed a lot of hiking and Denny's for dinner!

Our visit to the State Capitol.
All the kids really enjoyed our tour of this beautiful building.

Our attempt at a jump shot in front of the Capitol

We visited all the fun places at UVU like this pendulum.
The kids waited very patiently for it to knock over one of the pegs as the world rotated.

Changwan along with Seth and Derek were some of the first to kick their shoes off and get wet!

Our favourite exhibit at the BYU Bean Museum.

The main hallway the the BYU Bean Museum.

Enjoying the various train rides at This Is The Place Park.

The lake the mini train circles.

Panning for gold!

Cashing in their 'gold'...

Making Native American arrowhead necklaces.

Pioneer games, chores and pony rides!

Sunday at Temple Square

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Farewell  pizza party (L) and  the Koreans singing us all a song! (R)

Fun times at Lagoon!

(L) I've always hated those rulers...
(R) The Cannibal! So intense!

And that was then end of the 2015 Rockin' America camp!

It was my first Rockin' America camp and although it was a few intense weeks, it sure was a party and I we both had a great time!

I had a lot of fun preparing the meals for everyone. Some of our favourites were ramen, chilli dogs and PB & J's. The kids also got to enjoy a wide variety of the food America has to offer like Denny's, Pizza buffet and mexican.

Then Nate got back on a plane with the kids and took them home, turned around and got on a plane and flew straight home!

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