Saturday, April 18, 2015

Birthday Scavenger Hunt: 26 gifts for a 26th birthday...

Hi there!
So the day came, the day I turned 26 years old.
I know I'm not super old but turning 26 made me realise..I am now closer to 30 than I am to 20!
I'm becoming a real adult!

In honour of this occasion, I intended to enjoy this birthday and be grateful that I've made it this far!

I didn't really know how I would feel on this year's birthday; last year I had a few personal struggles not to mention that my birthday fell on Good Friday and so we really didn't celebrate it - It kind of felt like a non-event.

BUT this year has been a year of great change in my life and although I didn't know what to expect from my birthday this year, I thought perhaps maybe something low key and fun?
Well, something I can tell you about Nate is that he definitely knows how to do fun and my birthday definitely wasn't low key!

My birthday fell on a beautiful, sunny Saturday and when it rolled around, Nate arrived on my doorstep... to take me on a SCAVENGER HUNT! It was the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me! He named the day "26 gifts for the 26th birthday!"

Definitely was not expecting this!

My hubby, the romantic <3


A beautiful bunch of my favourite flowers.... TULIPS!


A yummy caramel cake! We don't have a photo of this one.. and I promise you it's not because we ate it before we could get one....


Our favourite indulgence.. Crazy bread and crazy sauce from Little Caesar's


Let's go fly a kite!!!

Mine was a Hello Kitty kite and Nate's was a Spiderman.. I think they're in love!

My Mum says that I have flown a kite before but I have absolutely no memory of it, therefore I wasn't technically lying when I told Nate I'd never flown one before....

NUMBER 5, 6 & 7

My favourite colour at the moment is coral... so I got a new addition to my wardrobe in the form of this cute shirt!

I also got to choose a new book from Barnes & Noble, and... DONUTS! Because, why not?!
Nate knows I freaking love these things!

Since we just got engaged we ended up a Bridal fair... buuuut we'd already decided on everything to do with our wedding so we skipped it!

HARRY POTTER BLU RAYS!!! Happiest girl alive!

(all my dvd's are formatted in a different region so I've been a little deprived of my not-so-secret-anymore obsession with Harry Potter...) Amazon is an amazing thing!


Movie time! Of course it wasn't complete with popcorn and root beer!

Fast and Furious 7!


We stopped at a sweet little park with a beautiful rotunda pavillion and spent some time enjoying the nature surrounding us.

I may or may not have given Nate my best Liesel impression..
Who could resist this Sound of Music moment?!

NUMBER 11-25
There are some that we're going to keep just between Nate and I.. I don't want you all knowing exactly how sweet and loving he is because then you'll want to take him away from me and keep him all to yourself!
(Also, we kinda forgot what some of them were..)


We finished the night off with a beautiful dinner at Olive Garden!

It was complete with giant plates of food!

A group of waiters singing happy birthday to me as I blew out my candle?! Never had it done before!
Yeah, that doesn't happen in Australia..
A lemonade as big as my head!

The official word is in: BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!
I'm engaged to the man of my dreams and am so grateful to have shared such a wonderful day with him. What more could anyone want?!

Much love!

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